Did Outlaws of Thunder Junction steal the show?

I have seen several cards make an appearance but not really changing the format. 

Massacre with a body?

I have seen this card appear as a 1-2 of either in the main deck or sideboard for mono – black decks.  The ability to just activate and discard it for  -2 -2 is helpful sometimes.  This is also a card you can reanimate to get the massacre effect.  As death and taxes is not that popular this is not really making a difference.  You can find this card in the big score. 

What does every cowboy need? 

Boots. Lava spur boots have been the most stand out card of the main set. At 1 cost its slotted into every deck that is running Urza’s Saga.  Being able to create a construct and then give it haste makes this card amazing. 

The last thing to note from this set.....

We did get some ok reprints.  Some will help the price a little so they are welcome.  We got mindbreak trap, Force of Vigor, Thoughtseize,  Surgical Extraction, Reanimate, and Leyline Binding. 

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