Not the Stickers !


All cards that bring a sticker or an Attraction into the game are banned.

________ Goblin has become a reasonable card to play in Legacy, and that’s leading to some awkwardness in tournaments. Not only do Goblins players need to create and bring a sticker deck, many decks that feature clones such as Phyrexian Metamorph feel obligated to bring sticker decks on the off-chance they’re able to copy ________ Goblin. Players must present these decks at the start of every match regardless of whether they have any cards in their deck that can interact with them.

The primary goal behind making some cards in Unfinity legal was that sticker cards and Attractions could be played in Commander, but there’s no existing way to make a bunch of cards legal in Commander and not Legacy. We had thought the power level of those cards was low enough that if people tried them in Legacy every now and then, it’d be a fun surprise. We missed on ________ Goblin, though, and now tournament players feel obligated to interact with the sticker mechanic.

We think that this is not a healthy or fun dynamic to happen in paper or digital play, so we have decided to ban every card that creates a sticker or an Attraction card. We considered banning all side decks, but that is more difficult to align with how that functions between Gatherer, digital, and tabletop.

When we released Unfinity, we knew that its partial legality in Magic‘s broader formats was an experiment with risks. The concept of widening a set’s appeal to more players is at its core a good one. Moving forward, we won’t be revisiting this kind of experiment any time soon.


With the banning of all sticker and Attraction cards, we expect a small shake-up in the Legacy metagame. When we last discussed the format, we mentioned that we’re keeping an eye on Orcish Bowmasters and how much influence it had on Legacy’s core blue-centric gameplay. Clearly, Bowmasters, and Grief as well, is a big player in the Legacy metagame, and they are cards that we’ll continue to monitor for their long-term net fun as inclusions in the format.

Grief has popped up recently as a powerful alternate form of attack in Reanimate decks, giving those strategies a lean tempo game as well as the ability to go way over the top by Reanimateing more traditional targets like Atraxa, Grand Unifier.

Historically, Modern Horizons sets have had the ability to influence Legacy, so we’ll see how the format evolves as it absorbs Modern Horizons 3.

Legacy is being over-run by Scams.  Reanimator has been the most popular deck online.  Powered by Greif making it faster and safer to protect your combo.  I know they are looking at Grief but I don’t think the statement that it has “Recently”  popped up.  It has been a problem since The Fury Banning.   I don’t think you can ban Grief though. This card has made the format change and the meta games be different. Locally here Grief is popular in the scam decks.  So I believe it’s good that it didn’t get banned. 

I can see why the goblin was banned.  It was not fun for a lot of things. Goblins have lost a good card but I think they didnt lose much.  This will slow it down a bit and the options are going back to standard goblins or going stompy. 

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