The Lost Caverns of Ixalan and Legacy.

In this set there are only 3 cards that see play legacy and 2 of them are new. 

Black Creatures

Look at death shadows new pal.  Stalactite Stalker. This new creature is a perfect fit in UB and mono black death shadow or even black scam decks.  Decending is easy to do with these decks. Be it waste land, fetch lands, grief, or cycling street wraith. This will mean it will proc alot.  Menace is great to get around alot of early units. 

Staple land for tribal decks

Here we have a good reprint in Cavern of lost Souls.  This land has been two popular decks currently. One being Goblins and the other being doomsday.  Playing a goblin that can’t be countered or a Thassa’s oracle to just win. 

Last mention.


This card has made a small appearance in grixis decks. Molten Collapse  Being able to destroy both a creature or planes walker and non land permanent is good in legacy. Being able to destroy a creature and a chalice or pithing needle makes this card a good choice. Like I stated before Decending is not that hard to do in this format so for 2 mana this is a great card. 

We will have to see what other things make an impact from this set.

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