Here is the May AZMS Open Meta Breakdown

Who would have thought?

Looks like we still getting scammed. 

Scam is still the preferred deck for like 25% of our players.  We had 3 Flavors of scam Esper, Sultai, and Drimir. Looks like scam is still going to be popular.  If its going first its really strong.  With MH3 coming soon it will introduce 1 more card to help out if it scam goes second.  We are talking about Vexing Bauble.  So let see if it helps make a splash. 

I dont think we will see much change to this. Scam is just good in general and has strong options.  We will continue to see this deck and with nothing really to counter this we will keep seeing it. 

Lets see what happens at the next Open on 06/15/24

By admin