Here is the March AZMS Open Meta Breakdown

What are we seeing?

I feel Scammed.  The favorite archetype for this event was Scam. There are 3 decks to look at Scam, Beans and Delver. 

Beans has been a strong control deck. There is not alot to punish the free draw from it.  All the free spells help you refill especially if you have multiple beans in play.  The current popular answer is Orcish Bow masters but that is the only card that sees play.  The other answers are not really played that much.  Narset, Parter of veils, hull breacher, and Chains of Mephistopheles.

Scam? Looks like this archetype has been found to be very popular.  It picked up an extra two players this time.  There were 3 slightly different version with the same plan.  Looks like this deck has replaced reanimator as the preferred deck to reanimate. Is Ley Line of the void the answer to this? We will have to wait and see. 

Delver showed up with being the classic deck. You can never go wrong with this deck.  There were 3 versions of this that showed up at the event.  

Lets see what happens at the next Open on 04/20/24

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