Here is the February AZMS Open Meta Breakdown

What are we seeing?

Who doesn’t like beans? Looks like this is the most popular with goblins being second.   Lets see what has made these decks tick. 

Up the beanstalk has been a real card for this deck. At first no one really thought much of it. Since then it has been a stable. At first glance it cantrips.  After that every other spell in the deck that is free or delved helps replace itself.  Force pitch a card? Draw a card.  Delve Murktide? Draw a card. Some of the decks have also included a new card. Leyline of the guildpact. This makes it so Layline binding is 1 mana and its a card you can pitch to force later in the game. 

Another great addition to legacy is Broadside Bombardiers. This card has made those useless goblins and chrome moxes into shocks or lightning bolts.  Even after attacks since the boast can be triggered after combat you can throw a Muxus and just kill someone. 

Lets see what happens at the next Open on 03/16/24

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